Baby Lovey - Piper

Baby Lovey - Piper


Kids love blankets of all shapes, sizes and materials.  My blankies are a unique star shape and come in beautiful color combinations.  They are perfect for keeping your newborns, infants and toddlers warm, soothing to hold, and easy to carrying around.  Plus they make a great keepsake as your child grows.  I also pay close attention to giving them a contemporary feel by choosing the best quality yarn and colors.  Kids love the texture, shape, and feel of these little blankies.  I give each of my blankies a baby name that represents it's personality and energy.   It is a very unique piece and will be a loving companion to your little ones.  

Piper Lovey is a very colorful star shaped hand crochet lovey.  It may be small in size but it's ability to bring comfort and security is special.  The vibrant colors represents joy and energy.  Piper is approximately 16x16 and is perfect for little ones to carry around and find comfort without dragging on the ground.  

Our little ones deserve the very best, especially when it come to things that come in contact with their skin.  So I like to use high quality natural fiber yarns instead of the synthetic acrylic yarns.  I find the natural fiber yarns I use to make my blankies to be softer to the touch, breathes better, and looks better longer.  These yarns may be a little more pricey but I think they are worth every penny.

Piper is made with a blend of 100% organic cotton and super wash wool (Spud & Chole Yarn).  This means it is soft for your little ones but easy to keep clean for parents.  

Please Note:  All my blankies are handmade by me with love and can have slight variations. All my orders are only shipped out to customers on Tuesdays and Fridays

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