I Bless Myself

I Bless Myself


“You surrender to a lot of things which are not worthy of you, I wish you would surrender to your radiance, your integrity, your human grace”. - Yogi Bhajan

The beautiful and self-blessing mala is infused with the mantra "I Bless Myself, I am I am."  One of the most valuable lessons to learn in life is that we must bless and love ourselves.  When we can and do bless ourselves we will be blessed by the Universe, Spirit, God, Angels, Guides and those around us.  

I Bless Myself, I am I am

The Self Blessing Meditation frees us from guilt, blame, shame, resentment and bitterness.  By blessing ourselves, God immediately and spontaneously blesses us.

Clear Quartz (Chakra: Crown)
Intuition - Spiritual Wisdom - Harmony Healing - Calm - Teach to Live, Laugh, Love

Moonstone (Chakra: Crown)
Hope - New Beginning- Insight - Confidence Love - Abundance - Good Fortune

Howlite - (Chakra: Crown) 
Patience - Inspiration - Creativity - Self Criticism - Stress - Memory - Focus  - Goals - Anger

Prehnite (Chakra:  Solar Plexus & Heart)
Deep Meditation - Vision - Inner KnowledgeHarmony -Find Your True Spiritual Path

Amazonite (Chakra: Heart & Throat) 
Integrity - Self-Love - Trust - Clarity - Courage Calm - Inner Power - Positive Action

Blue Aventurine (Chakra: Third Eye & Throat)
Well-being - Focus - Courage - Concentration - Personal Power

Peace - Power - Protection - Clarity - Intuition Abundance - Change Karma - Guidance


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Mantra Music:  
I Bless Myself (Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Da Sa) by Lees Sklover/Sangeet

Complete Mantra:
I Bless Myself
I am I am

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Mala Creation Process:  

There are 108 seeds and semi-precious gemstones (6mm in size) used in your mala. After tuning in with the Adi Mantra (Connects us to all the Guru who came before us and the teacher within) and Mangala Charn mantra (Provides guidance and protection).  This mala was hand knotted using cotton thread, semi-precious gemstones, guru bead, and a silk tassel.  The sound and vibrational frequency of your mantra surrounded the mala as it was being made especially for you.  Then it was place inside a full moon Himalayan singing bowl where it was blessed and infused with it’s sound and vibration before it was gently package and brought to you.  

Mala Specifications:  
108 beads (6mm), 1 Guru bead, 1 accent bead, thread and tassel.   
Measures approximately 18 inches long.  
Please note the length is an approximation as each piece is unique.