True Bliss Meditation Curation

Meditation is a technique to turn your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment.  There are various different techniques of meditation and is not a one size fits all practice.  A meditation practice can help in becoming more present, clearing clutter in your thoughts, help find answers you are looking for, transform old habits, provide peace and calm, and connect to yourself, spirit, and universe.  True Bliss Meditation uses a combination of breath, sound, stillness, and various forms of meditation to curation a meditative practice

Let me show you how to begin, develop, incorporate, fine tune, and curate a meditative practice that fits where you are on your journey, where you would like to go with your practice and how to fit it into your life and lifestyle.  



Emotions are essential as life is essential.  However emotions can either become devotion or commotion. When emotions become devotion they enter the sub-conscious mind and causes no pain or issues.  When emotion become commotion it enters the mind and become our pattern or habit.  It is very difficult to break a habit.  First we create a habit, then the habit creates us.   

Mediation is the art of breaking habits, to purify the mind and to take care of the day-to-day things.  

Meditation is the process of controlling and transcending the waves of the mind, allowing the flow of radiance from our soul.

It is for everyone.  Through the use of re-fined patterns, meditation creates a communication between you and your mind, between your mind and your body.  

Promotes:  inner peace, stability calm, develops the neutral mind, develops intuition, ability to focus, clarity of the mind, mental awareness, stress reduction and connects us to the clarity of the soul.


Benefits of Meditation

Reduces Stress & Helps Depression
Improves Brain Function
Improve Concentration & Helps ADHD
Reduces Aging
Increases Vitality & Energy
Increases Immunity
Removes Mental and Emotional Negativity
Enhances Creativity
Improves Insomnia
Relieves Physical & Emotional Pain
Makes You Happier & Appreciate Life
Helps You Feel More Connected to Yourself, Others, Spirit, and Universe

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Personal Meditation Curation

There are various ways and types of meditation, it is a not a one-size fits all tool. If you are just beginning, want to develop a more consistent practice, and or want to discover more about yourself through your meditation, let's discover how I can serve you on your journey.   Let me help you curate a meditation practice to fit you, where you are in your meditation practice, your lifestyle, your available time, and what you desire.

Each private meditation curation begins with a FREE discovery call, followed by the Initial Meditation Curation Session (1 hour and 15 minutes), then a series of Meditation & Lifestyle Curations (45 minutes) to meet your needs and goals to assure your success on your transformational journey.   

Your personal meditation curation sessions are available both in person and on-line or a combination to meet your needs.  Book your session today.

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Group Meditation Curation

For many a group setting is very beneficial in motivation and dedication while curating a mediation practice.  The group energy adds another layer and support to a practice no matter how long you have been practicing meditation.

Group meditation curation sessions, classes and workshops are a great way to learn more, develop, curate a practice, and stay motivated.

Each group meditation curation, both in-person at the True Bliss Living micro studio and on-line begins with a discovery questionnaire form.  Followed by a series of weekly group curation classes (45 minutes) to meet your needs and goals to assure your success on your transformational journey.  

Coming FALL 2017 both in person and on-line.  Please fill out the form if you are interested receiving information on registration.

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