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I am so lucky to be playing these lovely Himalayan singing bowls for my clients! I spent today in the back yard taking pictures of my special singing bowls.  Even taking a break to play them in my garden.  It was very grounding and a phenomenal way to connect to nature.

As I offer individual private True Bliss Sound Healing to my clients I am feel blessed at seeing the benefits.  I have loved the sound of singing bowls most of life, enjoying them through recordings only.  Then last year I experienced by first singing bowl concert where I could not only enjoy the sound of the singing bowls but be healed by both their sound and vibrations.  The experience was transforming, healing and meditative.  I was hooked!  Having the opportunity now to play and use them to heal others is truly a spiritual and moving gift.  

August 2015 Special

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Sound Healing Relaxation

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This week I will be offering my True Bliss Sound Relaxation at Amana Yoga Studio in Boulder.  So come, relax, release and let go.  Be surrounded by the healing sound and vibrations of the Himalayan Singing Bowls as you go into a deeps state of relaxation.  This group relaxation experience gives you a chance to be gentle to yourself, allowing you to fully let go, restore and replenish from your hectic lifestyle.  Make sure you register ahead of time as space is limited.

Friday, August 7, 2015
6:30pm  7:30pm
Amana Yoga Boulder
2035 Broadway Boulder, CO

True Bliss Sound Meditation

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