Spiritual Entrepreneur


I passionate about bringing together my love for finance and business with being a spiritual transformational coach and light worker.  Over the years I find a lot of people starting out on this path lost or overwhelmed to where to begin.  They are consumed by the various elements around building a business. They know they have something special to offer up to the world and they are ready to step up and show up.   But where do you begin when you have so much to offer?  Where do you begin when you don't know where to focus your attention?  Begin by taking small action steps in the right direction.  Begin with a simple website where you can simply share about who you are, your story, where you've been, where you are going.  Sharing your authentic message and self will let the Universe know you are ready and committed to being a light worker and serving the world in the special way only you can.   

A simple basic website is great place to start giving you a platform to share and also for other's to get to know you better.  The blocks come from not know how to start, limited initial investments, confusion on the various website development services and the knowledge to designing even the most simplest of site.  There are many DIY web development platforms.  Personally, I have been using Squarespace.com and find it to be one of the simplest, expandable and quickest way to get started with your first website.  


Are you a spiritual entrepreneur in the fields of yoga, meditation, health, nutrition, wellness, lifestyle, and fitness coaching?  

Are you passionate about what you have to bring to the world and serving your clients and students?  

Do you have a desire to take steps to grow your business by having a website but don't know where to start or what to focus your attention on?  

You want a website but are ready just yet to hire a website developer?

Are you confused as to how to begin?

Do you need a clarity on what offerings to start with because you have so much to offer?

Are you ready to share about yourself and just need a kick start?  


Begin with a spiritual entrepreneur kickstart coaching package!  This package give you a boost in the right direction for your business. This is perfect for those who want learn and have the ability to work on their own website but need a starting point and a bit of guidance.  This is NOT a full web design package but the initial step.  This is a coaching package with the bonus of having a website that can get you pointed in the right direction.  Custom website with a professional web developer can range from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on the design and capabilities you are wanting.  In the spiritual entrepreneur kickstart coaching package you can receive guidance and basic knowledge to get you started for only $675!  What's included:

1 hr - Initial Discovery Coaching Session (valued at $175)
Coaching session to help you discover where to start and focus your attention as a starting point.  
Simple focus attention allows you to take small steps towards where you want to grow.


Simple Squarespace Website Designed (valued at $500)
With the information in the initial Discovery Form and Coaching Session a
simple Squarespace Website will be designed and curated to meet your first steps to having your very own website.  
Includes: homepage - about - program offering - blog - calendar


1.5 hr - Personal Squarespace Tutorial Session (valued at $350)
One-on-one online tutorial session where you will be guided to basic operations around your website so that you can begin
to add your own content and start growing your website.  You will be taught how to move around the back-end of your site
to add content, pictures, make minor design changes, add events, and blog posts.