The True Bliss Living Meditation Pillow has changed the way I meditate forever! While sitting, I feel really connected to the earth, it supports my spine and keeps me aligned. It is so versatile, I also use it for shavasana. The pillow’s design allows my neck to feel completely rested and helps me experience deep peace. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to up their meditation!
— Joanna Chan, RN, CPC, Founder of Nurse Your Life - New York City
I need one of Kylie’s malas for every day of the week! I absolutely LOVE my mala. Not only can I feel the intention and energy that went into its handcrafted form, I feel the power that it holds when I wear it. It was such a sweet surprise to find the “Believe” charm on it! Sometimes I double it up so the charm is highlighted in the center of my neck, and other times I wear it on the back of my neck—either way every time I see it, I feel a little of Kylie’s loving energy coming my way!
— Melissa - Montpelier, VT
Kylie imbues deep love and the magic of mantra in each piece of art and creation she thoughtfully and blissfully designs. When I sit on my meditation pillow or wear one of the many Mala’s from her collection, I feel the power and beauty of the unique mantra that has been infused by her chanting of unique mantras when creating each hand made piece. Art, beauty and spirit abides in each creation.
— Leslie - Boulder, Co
I cannot rave enough about this cushion.  I am throughly obsessed with it! I’ve tried a bunch of different cushions but could never really sit comfortably on them for long periods of time but these cushions are designed so uniquely and thoughtfully that I am able to sit on mine for hours without my legs going numb or having to fidget around to stay comfortable. It’s also great as a prop for yoga (makes pigeon sooo much less painful!) I take it with me everywhere now. I am so attached to mine that I took it with me this spring on a 4 1/2 month trip around the world even though it took up precious weight and space! It was worth it!!  (Also I was the envy of all the friends I met during a yoga retreat in Morocco and teacher training in Bali and many of them were so excited about it that they ordered their own :)) Honestly one of the best purchases I have ever made and a total game changer for my meditation practice!
— Meghan - New York City
My true bliss sound healing session with kylie was just that. she created a safe and sacred space for me to let go and feel the tremendous healing powers of her singing bowls. when the session was over i felt deeply relaxed and at the same time very focused in my mental energy. i highly recommend this experience with kylie!
— Sukhraj - Owner of Raj Yoga + Meditation BOULDER, CO
Receiving a true bliss sound healing session was truly a magical, yet grounded experience. i could feel my sympathetic nervous system disengage for the first time in a long time. i was relaxed more deeply in this session with kylie than in any massage. so grateful for her intuitive and skillful attention.
— Liana - BOULDER, CO
I have had the pleasure of knowing kylie mikuta for over six years. kylie possesses a wealth of knowledge about the relationship between nutrition and its ability to heal the body. everything you put in your body matters. she provides guidance on detoxification, building my immune system, and guides me through the overwhelming task of managing a specialized diet. beyond her knowledge of nutrition, kylie offers emotional support, which is equally important in the healing process.
— Chrissy - ASHBURN, VA
Since working with kylie, my life has made a 180. i have went from major fatigue and pain to increased energy, endurance and decreased pain. all of this was within the first month of working with her! kylie has educated me and encouraged me and i know that with her help things will continue to improve.
— Jennifer - ASHBURN, VA
My blood sugars have decreased significantly since working with Kylie in the last few months. She is knowledgeable, kind and warm hearted. I love the recipes and support given through this journey!
— Gina - ASHBURN, VA