True Bliss BluePrint

A 40 Day Self-Nourishment & Life Curation Experience

Reprogram and Reboot your body, mind, soul, and spirit.  Release dogmatic approaches to diet and lifestyle.  Let go of negative dialogue and release the things that do not serve you. Discover and develop the lifestyle tools you need to grow and transform.  Learn the 7 essential keys of True Bliss Living to help you live in your bliss.  This is a 40 day commitment to yourself and your transformation.  


Do you NOT love where you've been, where you are or where you are headed?  Are you lost on your path to transformation and journey to blissful living?  Do you want to get your life together, but keep loosing your momentum? Do you want a plan but haven't found one that works?  Are you tired of your mood swings, your yo-yo weight, disordered and cluttered space, and the mess in your life?  Are you sick of the work you're putting into you and your life without getting the results and consistency you desire?  Are you fed-up with constantly thinking about your weight, what you're missing in your life, and wishing things were different?

True Bliss Blueprint is a dynamic lifestyle program to help you nourish yourself and guide you to transform your body, mind, soul and spirit.  This is nothing like you have experienced before and a unique approach to health, wellness, and lifestyle.  One size does not fit all!  We come in all different sizes, shapes, back grounds and carry with us different experiences that have brought us to where we are.  What works for one does not fit all.  And what works for us for a while doesn't keep doing so forever.  We are humans in a modern world and a work-in progress.  True Bliss 40 provides 7 Essential Lifestyle Keys that works for your unique individualized needs and supports and guides your ever changing transformation towards living in your True Bliss.  

Bliss is defined as extreme happiness, ecstasy, and spiritual joy.

At True Bliss Living we define BLISS as:
B e l i e v e    -    L i v e    -    I m a g i n e     -    S p a r k    -    S h i n e

Believe in yourself and the possibilities.
Live in love for yourself, others and what life has to offer.
Imagine and expand what life and the universe holds for you.
Spark your power, creativity, and energy.  
Shine the light within you and step into your spot light.

What does True Bliss Blueprint involve?  How does it help you?  What is the True Bliss Blueprint approach? What are the 7 Essential Lifestyle Keys to True Bliss Living? Want to know more?  

Come and find out!


Now Scheduling for September 2017

Workshop Meeting Dates and Times (TBA)
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Clarity & Focus
Sense of Self
Self-Nourishment Techniques
Individualized Guidance & Plan
Calm & Peace
Improved Sleep
Weight Loss
Body Confidence


Workshop Agenda:
7 Essential True Bliss Keys
 Bio Individuality - Emotional Eating
Self-Nourishment - Transformation
Diet - Weight Loss - Detox
Recipes -  Food Demonstrations
Organization Tools
Weekly Meetings
Daily Emails
End of Workshop Pot-luck


Special Gift ($225 Value):
True Bliss Blueprint Personal Workbook
Self - Pamper Gift Set
Inspiration & Affirmation Cards