True Bliss Living Boutique

Unique and special handmade products


Mantra Infused Malas

Beautiful and spiritual handmade malas infused with Kundalini mantras and affirmations.  Each amal is handmade using and overhand knotting technique with semi-precious gemstones and rudraksha seeds.


Journals & Notebooks

Handmade journals and notebooks to write down your thoughts, gain clarity of your past, present and future, discover your desires, make to-do list, doodle and write down anything else important to you in your life.


Meditation Cushion

The best and only meditation cushion you will ever need. Each is handmade and filled with organic buckwheat hulls. They help to support your body and spine providing the perfect alignment for mediation, yoga, and sitting.   


Felted Wool Cosies

Hand knitted then felted wool cozy for mason jars, cans, and bottles.  The dense felted wool fabric will insulate your hot and cold beverages while protecting your hand from heat, cold, and condensation. 


Intention Mala Bracelets

Beautiful and special bracelets.  Each bracelet is designed, inspired and created with a specific intention, made with semi-precious gemstones, wood beads and rudraksha seeds.  A great way to connect with and keep your life's intentions.  



Knitted and crocheted blankets handmade using Spud and Chole yarn.  The yarn is a organic cotton and super wash wool blend making these blankets soft and easy to care for. Each blanket is made with care and a great heirloom.


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